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28-Day Healthy Weight Loss Challenge

Let’s get our healthy journeys started, together!

Week 1:  Happy Belly Cleanse (no artificial ingredients, vegan, gluten free, low sugar)

Week 2:  Ditch the Sugar (new recipes, no artificial ingredients, gluten free, dairy free, no sugars added, eggs and seafood added)

Week 3:  Eat Clean, Get Lean: (same as above, new recipes, chicken and turkey added in)

Week 4: Eat Clean Stay Lean: (same as above, expanded reviews and foods to continue  your healthy eating journey for life)


What People Are Saying:

Tai chi, yoga, and aqua aerobics are all AMAZING with Suz – no matter your fitness level or workout goals! She guides you in a warm and fun environment to meet your personal needs and you’ll leave feeling energized and “can’t wait” forthe next class. It’s a great way to feel better, make new friends, and get healthier and happier!

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