How it Works

Step 1: Schedule Your Complimentary Discovery Call

Click here to schedule a 15-minute chat so we can connect and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Step 2: Getting Started Strategy Consultation

After we’ve decided to work together, we meet via Zoom for a 50-minute getting started strategy consultation. To save time, you’ll complete a brief nutrition assessment before, so I can get some insights into your needs. What are your top 3 wellness goals? What has fitness looked like for you in the past? What do you like to eat? Are you on the road a lot? Do you want workouts, nutrition coaching, meal plans, mindset coaching, or all those rolled into one program? We take a deep dive into co-creating a science-based, strategic program that fits into your schedule, and will get you results. This is where we collaborate and create YOUR best wellness plan, together.

STEP 3: Start Your Journey

Now that we know what your goals are and what your starting point looks like, we take action together! Whatever you need, Meal Planning, Personal Training, or Mindset Coaching, we get your healthy party started!

How can I help?

Schedule your 15 minute discovery call with Coach Suz!