Christine Homan


Honestly, I felt horrible inside and out!I was very bloated, lethargic, not sleeping, and definitely putting the wrong things in my body! I was to the point, I no longer wanted to go out in public or socialize! So I started this journey because I wanted to feel and look better! I wanted to be healthier  look better on the outside. I knew if I could just start to feel better the mindset would follow….


My concerns…. could I stick with eating new healthy options?

I had preconceived ideas that healthy food would be bland and not taste good. Would I feel hungry and deprived?


Better mood and more self-confidence! I feel incredible!! All the excess inflammation is gone. I lost 15 pounds to boot! My energy is through the roof, now I can’t wait to get up and moving in the morning… My overall mood is better and I once again want to socialize and participate.

Suz’s program has changed my perspective on food to eat and nourish my mind and body. I’m no longer obsessed with counting carbs…

The best part was learning how to eat healthy and make good choices. The food and shakes were great! I never felt deprived or hungry, and because of that, I stuck to it!

Suzanne’s guidance throughout the program made everything clear and easy. I now have the framework and tools to continue my healthy journey and feeling great!

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