Mary Ann Simms


One of my goals was to lose belly fat, and the other one was to help the inflammation in my joints, and the inflammation in my joints, definitely improved. Unfortunately, I didn’t wasn’t able to do the whole week, four week program, but I did successfully lose some weight. So I felt like it was a good process.


The problem is consistency. Consistency is never been a good thing for me. I definitely wanted to improve my mobility. I’m pretty much a sedentary person and I needed something to help me feel like I could walk more and just enjoy life in general and not have so many aches. And pains, I’ve had several surgeries, including knee and hip replacements and I get very stiff.


Suz’s program helped to lessen the inflammation in my joints, to become more active, and just feel better. I do feel better: healthier, more energetic, and don’t feel as lethargic as I have in the past. I can tell a difference in my mobility, and being more agile and flexible. The best part was having support having the meetings and getting a lot of information regarding food choices. Having the food prepared was a big help, and not having to make decisions and prepare the meals really helped a lot. The camaraderie of the people in the group, and just feeling better, in general, are great.

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